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         The S&P Chronicles:         An Amalgamation of Wyckoff, VSA and Price Action


The S&P Chronicles are a guide to the practical application of the methodology and strategies found within Logical Price Action - The Complete Course (LPA). The unique series contains a plethora of trading insights, the thought processes of market behaviour, how and why we enter the market and the daily operations of a single instrument from a professional trader. It gives a framework of how one applies the knowledge from LPA.

Due to the extensive nature of the works, it's highly advisable to start from edition 1 and work your way through numerically. There is much continuity from day to day as we span a full year of trading. Each individual edition has its own specific set of principles and concepts thoroughly explained. Going forward to the latter editions, one need's the strong foundations found within the earlier editions to fully grasp the current trading and thought processes.

Multiple time frames are used to either dis-confirm or confirm the strength or weakness displayed via the daily bar. In a sense we dissect the daily bar to predict future price movement, then proceed to analyse and work our way down towards the smaller time frames, eventually leading to our entry time frame.

Initially market volatility was low during the first few months of 'The Chronicles', with the average true range under 15 points. During 2018, volatility increased therefore the trading was adjusted. This concept is reflected throughout 'The Chronicles', as traders and their style must adapt to market conditions, forever in a continuous state of evolution.

The S&P Chronicles are primarily aimed towards the intraday trader, yet the methodology and strategies are transferable to all time frames and markets.

The S&P500 Emini futures contract was used, as it attracts an average trading volume of over 1.6 million contracts on any given day, making it the most liquid futures market in the world. The high liquidity attracts professionals, thus making it their preferred instrument of choice.

An Example of The S&P Chronicles

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