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Where a contract is not performed as agreed, the CMA considers that consumer protection law will generally allow consumers to obtain a refund.

In particular, for most consumer contracts the CMA would expect a consumer to be offered a full refund where:

  • a business has cancelled a contract without providing any of the promised goods or services;

  • no service is provided by a business, for example because this is prevented by Government public health measures;

  • a consumer cancels, or is prevented from receiving any services, because Government public health measures mean they are not allowed to use the services.

Limited exceptions to full refunds

Sometimes, a consumer will already have received some of the services they have paid for in advance. In those cases, the CMA considers that the consumer would normally be entitled to at least a refund for the services that are not provided. However, where they have already received something of value, consumers should generally be expected to pay for it and they will not usually be entitled to get all their money back. 

In some cases, where Government public health measures prevent a business from providing a service or the consumer from receiving it, the business may be able to deduct a contribution to the costs it has already incurred in relation to the specific contract in question (where it cannot recover them elsewhere). In the CMA’s view, these cases are likely to be relatively rare, however, and the costs that may be deducted from refunds will usually be limited.

Refund Policy:

Due to the digital format of all our products and content, all sales and purchases on our site are final. Should you have any concerns about our refund policy, contact us at info@feibeltrading.com