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Our methodology is deeply rooted with firm foundations of professional trading techniques from the golden era of trading. These have been modernized and brought to the 21st century, and are in a continual state of improvement to keep up with the constantly evolving financial landscape.

At Feibel Trading indicators are not relied upon, as they are a derivative of price and time, therefore lagging, we seek purity by employing the lost art of bars and volume and understand their intrinsic relationship. Combined with the correct application of market structure, we cultivate a highly effective interpretation of market strength or weakness, leading to a superior edge that most strategies do not possess; in essence we exploit supply and demand imbalances using advanced techniques.


04/ Crude Oil Special (CL)                             AVAILABLE

05/ Stock Selection for Investment           (ETA - NOV 2022)

06/ Psychology - The Trading Mindset      (ETA - DEC 2022)

07/ Forex: Pure Price Action                       (ETA - OCT 2022)

09 / Market Turns                                        (ETA - DEC 2022)



01/ Pure Alpha ST                                            (BETA PHASE)

02/ Wave Point 2.0                                     (COMING SOON)

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