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We believe at Feibel Trading in veracity and transparency, reflected through our systematic trading strategies that capture the explainable disparity between market forces. Through rigorous testing our platform has provided the opportunity to build a robust, diversified methodology, with a strict adherence to simplicity and purity.

Our firm has developed several unique training strategies that seek to offer aspiring traders an enlightening approach, enriching the learning process. The ontogeny of traders is a critical component to our success, the requirement for rapid skill development has led to an investment in cognitive neuroscience. Successfully implemented, we utilise new ground breaking training protocols generating a unique, tailored, industry-leading education programme.

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''if price was truth, volume keeps things honest''


Feibel Trading was founded with a vision of combining contrarian strategies, modernization and simplicity to succeed within the global markets, using the tools derived by Richard Demille Wyckoff. Our vision is to build the worlds largest proprietary trading firm employing discretionary strategies. Feibel Trading has full control and can determine which market opportunities to pursue. Our firm continues to strive towards the pursuit of excellence with innovative training techniques that will create the next generation of global, elite traders.

Further diversification of our current product range is integral to our growth, providing new and exciting expansions to both retail and institutional clients. Heavy investment is aimed towards technology, enabling our firm to advance its automated trading division, with the emphasis on creating an uncorrelated pure alpha strategy.

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