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An Introduction:

To The Secret Language of

 Bars and Volume



Foundation Programme

This presentation has been specifically developed as an introduction to an exclusive methodology, that has stood the test of time, of which the foundations have spanned over a century.

Navigating the markets in the modern era can be challenging, partly due to the mass abundance of material and the rapid development of computing power, enabling unforeseen perspectives within the markets. At Feibel trading we recognize that over 90% of ''new techniques'' are derived from price and volume and often lack the nuances and subtleties that the simple bar and volume provide.

It has been said ''if price was truth, volume keeps things honest'' it's our pleasure at Feibel Trading to provide you with an insight into a pure methodology, using nothing but the humble bar and volume; no indicators, no heatmaps, no order flow they are all a derivative of price and volume, so why not go straight to the source? - welcome to Logical Price Action.

Secret Language:

The Curriculum

Video 1 


Content: 1 video,

26m runtime

- Foreword

- Introduction

- Methodology History

- Feibel Trading Ethos

- Logical Price Action

- Trading Mastery

- The Secret

Video 2


Content: 1 video,

46m runtime

- Structure 

- Bar by Bar analysis

- Volume analysis

- Market bottom

- Market top

- Climatic behaviour

- Advanced nuances

Video 3


Content: 1 video,

24m runtime

- Structure

- Macro Structure

- Bar by Bar analysis

- Context

- Cause & Effect

- Supply Zone

- Advanced price action 

Video 4


Content: 1 video,

33m runtime

- Macro Structure

- Demand Zone

- Advanced bar analysis

- Advanced volume

- Entries

- Stops

- Targets

Video 5 


Content:1 video,

13m runtime

- Practice

- Logical Price Action

- Individual strategies

- Remote solutions

- Training

- Exclusive discounts

An Introduction to The Secret Language of Bars and Volume is a pre-recorded

product. With a total runtime of 142 minutes.

Benefits of the Secret Language



        Introduction to market structure

        Identify trends

        Introduction to chart reading

        Identify market turns

        Introduction to price action

        Identify oversold and overbought conditions

        Introduction to bar/volume analysis   

        Exposure to various forms of trading strategies

        Understand the nature of trading ranges  

        Importance of practice

        Identify demand and supply zones  

        Plus much more


FEIBEL 1 square precise with increased s

Official product of Feibel Trading

The Secret Language of Bars and Volume (SBV)

    Video access will start immediately.

    Receive lifetime dedicated support.


    Discount for our NEW community LPA forum*


*LPA forum is exclusive to LPA purchasers that drastically enhances the learning curve and performance of traders. Access includes but not limited to: member trade setups across all asset classes (primarily FX, and Futures). Private webinars, LPA quizzes, and current watchlists.


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