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Global Multi-Asset

Professional Trading Programme



Our proprietary training programme has been strategically designed to develop elite traders using our discretionary strategies, with the opportunity to join our firm as a professional trader. The programme is an intensive, 10 week, full-time course based in our London offices. Experienced traders teach new candidates both hands-on and in classroom settings. Upon completion all candidates will trade live with a funded account.
The programme is focused towards aspiring traders looking to build a career in the financial industry. Although market experience is not necessary, we do value certain attributes.
Feibel Trading are looking for Candidates who: 
Are ambitious - Driven to be the best version of themselves within the market 
Are tenacious - Strong willed; ability to think and execute with a contrarian approach
Are resilient - Forever looking forward, undeterred by past events
Are passionate - Genuine interest in the financial markets
Are diligent - Constant effort with a keen eye for detail
Are committed - The pursuit of trading excellence is a tough endeavour

Benefits of our Proprietary Training Programme


        Funded trading account*

        Exposure to the markets in real time

        1 to 1 mentoring with professional traders

        Linear trading model 

        Tailored training programme**

        Continued support during each phase

        Cutting edge techniques aimed towards peak              performance

        All the benefits associated with LPA - Logical                Price Action: The Complete Course

*All candidate's have access to a live, funded trading account. Individuals that demonstrate profitability will receive further additional funds with the opportunity to join our firm as a professional trader.

**Post curriculum completion. Feibel Trading will evaluate each candidate and develop a bespoke training programme for the individual. As a firm we appreciate the diversity of the learning curve as the rate of development, natural talent and work ethic differs from candidate to candidate.

Programme Structure


Phase 1

WEEKS 1 to 6

Full Curriculum

Day 1 - Introduction.

Days 2 to 42 - Learn the methodology and core strategies.

Phase 2


Key Development Skills

Days 43 to 49 - Establish the daily routine of how professional traders operate. Pre-market analysis and daily game plan will be comprised.

v2 training development  will commence.

Phase 3


Simulator Trading

Days 50 to 56. Candidate's will initiate daily simulator trading. 


Mindset guidance is incorporated.

v3 training development will commence.

Phase 4

WEEKS 9 to 10

Live Trading

Days 57 to 68. Candidate's trade LIVE with a funded account*.


v3 training development continues.

*Account size will differ from candidate to candidate. Each individual will be independently assessed and will affect the level of financial backing the candidate will receive. Decisions are not solely based on simulator performance. Accounts will range from $5,000 to $25,000.

Feibel trading reserve the right to adjust the training schedule as required.
Candidate's who show profit at the end of Phase 4, may continue to trade at Feibel Trading.
Our firm acknowledges that process is more important than outcome. On the occasion that a candidate concludes the end of Phase 4 with a loss, yet displays the characteristics and qualities that we at Feibel Trading value, the candidate in question may continue to work with us. Further evaluations and training will continue indefinitely on the grounds that the candidate continues to display growth. Trading live with a funded account will have certain restrictions, until our criteria has been fulfilled. 
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Official product of Feibel Trading

Global Multi-Asset Professional Trading Programme


    Next Course Dates: SOLD OUT - SOLD OUT - SOLD OUT

    Daily schedule sent upon registration.

    Receive lifetime access to our community forum.


    To ensure the high standards of our training programme are                        preserved, spaces are limited. 

    Email: to be shortlisted for next available slot  

* Terms and conditions apply. For Covid-19 please refer to full Terms and conditions


Feibel Trading strongly believes that our immersive unique programme is a direct result of our tailored training approach. We aim to train every candidate to fulfil their potential, to the best of our ability, achieving the best possible outcomes for both the candidate and firm.

To demonstrate our commitment, we offer all candidates the opportunity to repeat* the programme if required.

* Terms and conditions apply.
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