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 Tick Chart Mastery 

The Definitive Guide



Tick Chart Mastery

Tick charts are often overlooked, consequently not very well known by the majority of traders, possibly due to the confusion and mysticism that surrounds this topic.

Professional and experienced traders alike recognize the value of using tick charts as an additional tool. Feibel Trading use tick charts on a daily basis as they offer an intraday edge over conventional time based charts.

Feibel Trading's tutorial is unique as all concepts are explained with clarity, offering an indepth look into the multitude of advantages that tick charts provide. Various asset classes are used to illustrate the power of tick charts. Examples include, but not limited to currencies, stocks, commodities and indices.

The entire course embodies 9 HD videos, various individual studies with a run time of 121m (approx 2 hrs) 

An accompanying PDF will be included.

Tick Chart Mastery

Course Contents

Video 1


Content: 1 video,

16m runtime

- Construction

- Time

- Volume

Videos 2 to 6


Content: 5 videos, 70m runtime

- Structure

- Low volatility

- High Volatility

- Professional Activity

- Advanced entries

Video 7


Content: 1 video, 10m runtime

- Advantages

- Disadvantages

Video 8


Content: 1 video,

24m runtime

- Volume integration

- Setup

Tick Chart Mastery is a recorded product with the active participation from a group of traders around the world. As a result course content has been enhanced due to unforeseen questions, leading to a bespoke, unique product. 

Benefits of Tick Chart Mastery


        Improve entry, exit and stop management

        Additional trading opportunities

        Find unique market structural areas

        Accelerate chart analysis 

        Read professional activity  

        Skills transferable across all asset classes

        Magnify market behaviour 

        Improve time and capital management

        Advanced entry and exit strategies  

        Plus much more


FEIBEL 1 square precise with increased s

Official product of Feibel Trading

Tick Chart Mastery: The Definitive Guide (TCM)

    Video access will start immediately.

    Receive support.

Disclaimer: Tick Chart Mastery (TCM) has been carefully developed to enhance ones current methodology or existing strategy. It does not offer a full solution to trading, it is merely a tool. Under correct application it may offer an additional edge.

All examples including setups are based in the methodology found within LPA - Logical Price Action: The Complete Course. The advantages are transferable to other methods.
Course access 12 months. 

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